Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bauble Extravaganza

I just published the best pattern! Bauble Extravaganza is so fun and full of Christmas spirit and joy and fun. These socks were so much fun to design and knit! 

Bauble Extravaganza was my first time reaching out to a dyer and asking for a collaboration, that was nerve-racking. Ashlee from Smash Knit was amazing to work with, I was pretty particular about the color that I was looking for, I wanted a green that wasn't too yellow olive but not too spruce blue either. 

What a fantastic color she came up with! I loved it in the photos she sent me and I loved it even more when it showed up on my doorstep. 

The tree for this pattern use a very simple cable that I was able to do without a cable needle but are really easy if you've never knit a cable before, the rest if the tree was done with twisted stitches. My beading method was using a teeny-tiny crochet hook and placing my beads on the socks individually. 

As usual, this is a fully written pattern and can be used with any sock yarn. I prefer my socks with some amount of nylon (this particular is a 85% Merino, 15% Nylon) but if you're comfortable with a 100% Wool yarn for socks then knit away! 

I cannot wait to see the combos that everyone uses, my testers came up with some amazing projects. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Gradiently Yours

We almost all have a gradient hanging around the stash or our color palette is so similar that we could make a gradient from our leftovers. Gradiently Yours is the perfect shawl/ette for those yarns! 

I was asked by Adina, the owner of Cloth Carousel, to design a shawl for the new yarn Zauberperlen by Schoppel-Wolle. The yarn comes in a ring and has each individual color already wound into a ball, how simple is that! 

I chose a simple triangle shape with a series of drop stitches to compliment the gradient, I didn't want the pattern to overpower the yarn but I also didn't want the knit to be too simple. This is a great social project for the holidays! It's so easy to memorize which makes easy to put down and pick back up.

Here you can see the drop stitches featured and how they run through the gradient. When you're looking for yarn to make this shawl you can pretty much use any yarn you have in stash. The only changes you would need to make is adjusting your needle size for the weight of yarn you pick. I can't wait to see the combinations people come up with! 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Antler Socks

I have to say that cabling is not my favorite technique in knitting. Cabling is time consuming and I find them not that easy to count without keeping track on paper. But, I got over my hesitation and broke out the cables for my new Antler Sock pattern, you can purchase the pattern here on Ravelry! 

Antler is fun to knit by using the same cable three different ways which makes it so easy to memorize! With the way these cables are constructed I found I didn't need to keep count on paper, I was able to read my knitting and keep track. 

The yarn is used is a Merino, Nylon, and Yak blend that was delicious to knit with. I've never used yak blend before in socks so I'm excited to see how they wear. The yak gives the yarn a beautiful heathered effect, so pretty! As with the majority of my patterns, any sock yarn will work. I would recommend something with some nylon and my testers found that colorways that were solid or semi-solid worked best to show the cables. I can't wait to see what gorgeous yarn you pull out for my new pattern! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Baby Bobble Cowl

 I have a new cowl pattern! I have been trying to design/find the perfect tuck-in-your-coat cowl and Baby Bobble Cowl fits the bill perfectly. 

Baby Bobble Cowl uses 100 grams of fingering weight yarn for a 23" circumference and 12" deep cowl. I used a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend for my sample and it's deliciously cozy. I believe any fingering weight yarn would work but I would stick with something that is majority wool. A tester used a wool/silk blend and had trouble with the bobbles not popping out enough. I also think a blend with alpaca or llama wouldn't be a great choice because the halo from the yarn will hide the work in the twisted stitches. 

My sample was knit in a solid/tonal yarn but the majority of my testers used variegated! If you are looking for clear definition for your bobbles and twisted stitches I would suggest a tonal, solid, or lightly speckled yarn. There are so many options I can't wait to see all the different ones ya'll come up with! 

Friday, October 23, 2020


I knit and designed my first mosaic shawl! I've knit one pair of mosaic socks before but never a shawl, what an adventure and undertaking! Monticello is so fun and easy, between each mosaic section is simple garter with only a bit of shaping. I used a single ply fingering weight yarn for my main body and a multi-ply for the contrast. 

That means use any fingering weight yarn you want! With a shawl, I have no problem mixing blends and plies I don't think it changes the integrity of the shawl. Shawls don't receive the same amount of wear and tear as a sweater, that is where I would watch mixing my blends/plies. 

Monticello is long and wide, so it's perfect to wrap around your neck a few times and let the colors peak out. My tester knit hers opposite and used a gradient for the body and solid for the mosaic and it looks so cool! I'm excited to see what other color combos knitters come up with! 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Grant Socks

 I haven't published a sock pattern in a bit and I'm excited to introduce Grant to you! Grant is very similar in knit style to my other sock patterns, easy to memorize and looks good with different dyes. 

I knit my Grant Socks with a speckled fingering weight, 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon, so any basic fingering weight you have in your stash would work great! My testers used a variety of dye styles so you should go check out their projects for color inspiration! 

I added a contrast toe to my sample socks from heels/toes/cuffs stash but you definitely don't have to if you don't want to. This sock is designed for sizes 56, 60, 64, 68, & 72 so they can pretty much fit any adult in your life. I used between 60-70 grams of yarn so even if you won't have a full ball you should still be able to make these! I hope you enjoy knitting my new sock pattern! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Scales Cowl

It's not a secret that I like to reuse stitch patterns in my designs. There are just so many different ways and opportunities to use the same stitches/techniques. That is exactly what I've done with the Scales Cowl. This design didn't so much come from inspiration but one of my knitting friends/student asking if the Scales shawl could be made into a cowl instead. So this is for you Shauna! 

Of course that was super simple, but then I had to complicate things a bit by making three sizes and changing the yarn weight and needle size. 

Scales Cowl features the worsted weight yarn Rios by Malabrigo, but any worsted weight yarn will work! I had Malabrigo in my stash but my test knitters used a variety of different bases including hand spun and acrylic! 

The sample is Size 2 but one and two use the same amount of yarn, Size 3 uses double the yarn. I find that this pattern nicely breaks up variegation so there is a lot of potential! Take a look at tester photos to get an idea of what different yarns and dye styles look like in the pattern. I hope you enjoy my new cowl pattern!