Wednesday, November 9, 2016

5 Sock WIP's...Wednesday!

That's right folks, I currently have FIVE socks wips going! Four of them are cast-on's for my trip to Rhinebeck, and the other one was cast-on for LoveSockWool Twelve Socks of Christmas KAL! Yay! More KALS!

Obviously I'm really excited to participating in KALs still. All my socks are knit on US 1.5 needles with either 64 or 68 stitches, heel flap and gusset and traditional wedge toe!

I have my Stephen socks in special edition Hedgehog Fibers from my summer Yarn Along. This gorgeous speckled heaven was in a shawl but the yarn really needed to be socks so I frogged the shawl and cast on these amazing socks!

My second sock WIP I brought on my trip is my Fairy socks out of Peepaloo Fields I am so in love with this colorway! The best part is I have two more hanks for a shawl!

The last sock WIP I brought to Rhinebeck with me is the Lorna's Laces sock yarn inspired by The Hobbit! This actually is a variegated yarn that spiraled into these amazing colors, I'm not usually a fan of pooling but this came out so well.

Once I got back from my trip I had to cast-on this fall inspired sock yarn that was given to me. I'm finding the yarn a little thin but so nice to knit with, it's a BFL, cashmere, silk blend and I can't wait to have them on my feet.

Last week I cast-on for the 12 socks of Christmas KAL. The first sock is Cascade Heritage Prints Holidays colorway. We are knitting these as a KAL in the yarn shop I work at, out Thursday night knit group ladies are all knitting socks out of this yarn. So the shop KAL plays nicely with the KAL for Sara @ LoveSockWool.

These definitely aren't my only WIPs but they are the ones that have my main focus. Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams with their "Along's" I've just started reading a new book about the history of knitting during war time and I've paused my reading of Harry Potter until I can give the illustrations a little more time.