Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Brioche is Back in Town

I have so many brioche shawls planned (with yarn purchased and all!) and I haven't knit any of them. After casting off my last shawl I decided that I really needed a Miss Babs fix and cast on Make Your Own Rainbow with Yowza and Big Silk.

OMG these yarns are amazing together; so soft and smooth and blissful to knit with! I had originally tried to knit the Deep Sea Jellyfish by itself and the colors were just taking over the pattern. A tone down was definitely needed and the black turned out to be the perfect color along with breaking up the stitches with brioche.

The pattern originally called for different colors for each section but I wanted an eye catching shawl as well as an easy knit so I opted out of using multiple.

The shawl is large and cozy, perfect to wrap around my neck and tuck my chin into.

Had I looked a little more at the pattern I would have made adjustments to which was the first color and which was the second. With brioche I really like the center stitch and how bold it is, with this shawl the main center stitch is on the backside.

Even though I would have made a few minor adjustments I really do love this shawl and can't wait for the cold weather to appear!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I Went to China!

Yep! For the majority of April I visited the amazing country that hosts the Great Wall! And it's freakin phenomenal.

My family and I made the trip with a tour group and I got to meet some of the best people while I was there.

Here's a few photos from the trip because I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed this country...

All the photos above are from our trip to the Great Wall of China!

Hot Pot for dinner, what an awesome meal! Essentially, make your own ramen but way better!

Temple of Heaven 

Yellow Crane Tower 

These two are from our hike to the Purple Cloud Palace. 

Knitting anywhere and everywhere. 

Visiting the Three Lesser Gorges on our cruise.

One of many many Buddhist Temples.

Danzu Rock Carvings.