Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A Little Bit More Shawl

 Fall weather is coming! So excited for the changing of the seasons because that means shawl weather is coming! My newest shawl was inspired by Little Bits which is an asymmetric triangle shawl featuring slip stitches. A Little Bit More (clever right) is a top down triangle shawl that also features slip stitches and a striped border. 

A Little Bit More uses a main color that highlights a complimentary set of contrast colors, they could be leftovers, a gradient or self striping yarn, or a mini skein kit. I used a single ply 100% Merino yarn from Lavender Lune Yarns and it was so nice to knit with. Sometimes a single ply can be a bit splitty but I didn't find that with this one. 

My newest shawl features lots of garter stitch and is very easy to memorize, perfect as a take along project. As I was knitting the shawl body I felt that it needed a bit more at the ending the original concept did, Little Bits has fun and unique shaping, A Little Bit More also needed a pop. The stripes as the end follow the same color sequence as the contrast colors in the body really pulling all the colors together. 

I would recommend knitting this shawl with any fingering weight yarn you are comfortable wearing around your neck, a merino or single ply base isn't necessary. Have fun watching ever little blip of color come along as you knit your shawl up! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Contemplation Shawl

Hey Knitters! Fall is starting to come to the PNW! The mornings and evenings are chilly and I'm so excited for it! 

With the coming of the fall and the changing weather I'm excited to announce that my newest design is here and it's part of a collection! The Sun and Fog Fall 2022 collection is now available to purchase and Contemplation is one of the designs ❤️

As a person who suffers from social anxiety, I spend quite a bit of my time contemplating. Contemplating my designs, contemplating life, past failures, and future endeavors. As a new transplant to Washington, I contemplate my lovely new home, how the weather is different from California, and whether or not I'm going to need a shawl when I leave the house (usually, yes). The inspiration for this piece was curling up on my favorite chair with a mug of kombucha and contemplating the changing of the weather and what my home is going to look like for each season.

Contemplation is a garter tab, top-down, 3/4 shawl featuring welted garter stitch for the outside wedges and alternating diamond and braid cables in the center wedge reminiscent of falling leaves. The bottom border framing the shawl is worked in a 1x1 rib- bing and finishes with a bind-off in pattern. The 3/4 shawl is a new shape for me and I love it! I found that it sits on the shoulders similar to a sweater and has perfect drape.

I used a gorgeous yarn called Eponymous Sock from Three Fates Yarns in the Mochi Dark colorway and it was a dream to knit with. The ply was perfect to show off the cables and the dye job was amazing. I would highly recommend using Stephania's yarn. 

If you are planning to knit from stash, the sample used ~1200 yards of fingering weight yarn, in a 100% merino base. I recommend a solid or tonal yarn to really show off the cable work, I think a variegated yarn will hide all the work you will put into the cables. The shawl could be made smaller if you want but I don't think the shape would fit correctly without the correct amount of yardage. 

You can take a look at the rest of the collection here

All photos were provided by Sun and Fog and taken by Ksenia Naidyon @life_is_cozy

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Floral Shades Toque

Fall is coming!...hopefully...right? For as long as the wet spring was this summer feels hot and long. Hot is relative, it doesn't get above 85 but most places don't have air conditioning up here. But, with fall in mind my new pattern is here! 

Floral Shades Toque is a doubled layer hat that features a stockinette inner layer and a delicate lace floral pattern on the outer layer. Floral Shades was inspired by the pops of color that come with spring flowers or bringing home flowers in the winter to brighten up your space. 

This hat uses a provisional cast on with a contrast color to make it easier to pick up the out layer. Floral Shades is the perfect accessory to combine smaller skeins of yarn, each side takes less than 50 grams of fingering weight! 

The original sample is knit with a light fingering weight for the inner layer and a traditional fingering weight for the outer layer so you have a little leeway with the weights of yarn that you use. I would suggest anything that you are comfortable wearing around your temples as the inner layer, the out layer doesn't matter because it doesn't touch your skin!  

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Gig Harbor Yarn Shop

Hey Knitters! I visited a new-to-me yarn shop! I dropped my mom (Susan) off at SeaTac and on my way back decided to have a bit of fun for myself. I picked up sushi and made a stop in Gig Harbor, a city across from Tacoma WA. 

Along with being on the waterfront, Gig Harbor has a beautiful yarn shop Rainy Day Yarns & Mercantile, which I was so happy to explore. 

Rainy Day definitely had a boutique vibe about it, faux crystal chandeliers, great lighting, and inspiring displays and samples. 

The range of yarns was great, lots of hand dyed, some from local dyers!, as well as more commercial brands. I felt that the range of yarn brands allowed for lot of different projects and budgets. 

Along with knit samples they also had crochet ones! I do judge a shop on whether they cater to both knit and crochet, there is no need to discriminate between knitters and crocheters. I hope that if you're in the area you make a stop in, definitely worth it to me! 

Monday, August 22, 2022

Book Review: Knitting Yarns

College burnt me out on reading, I was a history major so the majority of my schooling was reading, reading, and more reading. I became a very proficient skimmer and then once I graduated I was 100% burnt out. But, one of my best friends is a voracious reader and I knew I needed to up my game. 

This year my goal is to read 10 books. I'm right on track so far! So another knitting themed book has been added to the pile. Knitting Yarns edited by Ann Hood is an anthology of knitting essays written by writers who knit; and for me it was far from my favorite style. 

Each essay individually was entertaining and pertained to knitting but they were all so different within that theme that I felt the book was a bit disjointed. There were essays by people who had learned to knit as children, who taught their children how to knit, people who knit through grief, and even people who learned to knit for their dogs. 

With all of the different essay I would have preferred a little more of a timeline set up for the book, maybe the people who learned to knit as children, then as adults, then teaching their children, then ending with the one who knit through grief, similar to a life span? Whatever it was, the book was well written but for me, not well formatted. I would give the overall book a 3 out of 5. 

Ann Hood has another anthology of the same style and I do want to give it a try but I think I need a few more books in-between before I start it. My next book isn't a knitting themed book, I'm reading Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America by Ijeoma Olou, and I'm so looking forward to the education I'm about to receive. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Comfy Cozy Shawl

My last few shawls have been in the color play direction, Comfy Cozy definitely lands in the comfort stitches and easy to memorize directions. Comfy Cozy is my newest shawl pattern and it's a top down triangle shawl that alternates broken rib sections with a few rows of garter. 

The broken rib is easy to memorize and makes distinct paths of knit stitches so it's easy to figure out what row you're on. The garter rows break up the sections for a fun and visual stitches sections. The broken rib is so squishy and makes Comfy Cozy the perfect accessory for cool weather. 

Comfy Cozy is an excellent design for a solid or tonal yarn in your stash but a multi-color option is great too! Comfy Cozy take approximately ~870 yards of fingering weight yarn, perfect for a two skein project. 

The yarn that was used for the sample is Greenwood Fiberworks Gold Dust, a merino, nylon, and stellina blend that is soft enough to wrap around my neck. I would suggest any fingering weight yarn you are comfortable wearing around your neck. I had testers knit the pattern in a solid and a lightly variegated so there are lots of options! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Gnedward the Gnome

To start off with, this project just makes me giggle. I haven't knit too many stuffies before but this gnome subscription from JimmyBeans was just too delightful to pass up. Gnedward is knit with Madelinetosh yarns in the single ply fingering weight base and I used a US 1.5 needle to knit everything. The pattern suggested a small and large size needle but I didn't have a US 2 and wasn't interested in purchasing one. 

The pattern is designed by Sarah Schira from Imagined Landscapes designs and this is the first time I've knit one of her designs. Her pattern writing is so thorough and planed out; there were no questions on where to pick up and what part was coming next. 

Things were a bit tight because everything is worked on such small needles but not because of anything from the pattern. All the bits were easy to sew together and everything came out so cute. At the end of the six months I'll have a small village of knit gnomes. I've already started the second month! If you are interested in the pattern and aren't apart of the subscription I believe the Gnedward pattern should be available at the beginning of 2023:)

If you aren't a fan of sewing things together than I would say this pattern isn't for you. The hat bobbles and the nose are sewing on, as well as the arms, beard, and the feet. The body is picked up from the hat brim and is not sewn on. This pattern could easily be knit from your stash or your scraps! Only a few grams of each yarn is needed, maybe I'll be knitting some scrappy cousins next!