Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Drop the Fringe

I have a new shawl pattern out! This was one of my favorite knits for 2019 and I'm so excited to share with everyone. Drop the Fringe is knit in two skeins of fingering weight and two ten gram mini skeins. The secret is that it's partially self fringing! WHAT!?! I know right! With the large double yarn overs this pattern works great for speckled, variegate, or tonal yarn; kind of a one pattern fits all yarn:)

I knit the whole shawl in 10 day because I really wanted to see if my idea for the fringe would work, and IT DID! Obviously I did add some of the contrast color into the fringe and I used a Chiaogoo yarn fringer for it, this awesome little tool makes the fringe so. much. easier.

The yarn I used is Madtosh Twist Light and two unicorn tails and what is even more exciting is Jimmy Beans Wool made kits! Obviously I was really flattered when they approached me to make kits. It's always exciting with another company loves your work so much they want to incorporate into their business!

The yarn varieties for this pattern can be really wide, mine was a merino/nylon blend but a 100% wool or an acrylic/wool blend would be great. You want enough body for the lace holes to stay open, if you used a full synthetic then you will have to steam block vs wet block. 

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year, Decade, and Knitting!