Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#transformyouryarn Part 2

Okay, I'm obviously way behind in posting for the #transformyouryarn photo challenge but I would still like to complete the prompts. So here is the next weeks worth of prompts!

8. #wip

Current #wip for #transformyouryarn photo challenge. All the socks #handknit #sock #yarn#operationsockdrawer #socktawk#sockyarn #knittersofig #knittersoftheworld#knittersofinstagram #knit #handmade

9. #FO

Here's my latest #fo for #transformyouryarn this will be one of my first published patterns! Coming soon from my blog to you  #pattern #socks #handknit#operationsockdrawer #socktawk #knit#knitting #knittersofinstagram#knittersoftheworld #knittersofig#handmade

10. #knittingfun

11. #fibremuse

My #fibremuse would have to be my yarn stash! There is so much potential at my fingertips that I can turn into anything I want.  #operationsockdrawer#socktawk #sockyarn #yarn #knit #knitting#transformyouryarn

12. #sharing 

Instagram and my #blogare the place where I do the most #sharingabout my fibre life and my life in general. Come check me out at my blog, link is in my profile #transformyouryarn #knit#knitting #blogpost 

13. #favoritefiber

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shorty Sock Season

With the temperatures rising now is the time for shorty socks! I've just finished two pairs, one dubbed the ugliest socks every featured in this post and this lovely spring pair I just finished out a 50 gram ball that I had in stash.

This first pair done is Regia that is the perfect colors for spring! So bright and happy but very warm for short socks. I like the sturdiness of a Regia sock, I don't worry about what shoes I'm wearing and they always look great even after tons of wear.

Look at how cute these socks are! They scream spring! I think they'll be coming to Europe with me in a few weeks. I really love these socks because the gusset increase runs along the bottom of the foot (these were knit from the toe-up) and they fit like a glove!

And my ugliest socks ever are done too! My mom and I had a good laugh because we checked her stash and she has a hank of this too! LOL! We are so predictable, we have very similar tastes and usually end up with the same yarn. She's going to try and sell hers.

I've just started The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes for my yarn shops book club. Joining Frontier Dreams for her along this week. So but also happy to note Ginny from Small Things is stopping her along. Enjoy your life Ginny, I'll be following along!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ugliest Socks Ever: A Saga on why Not to buy Sale yarn

Sale yarn is so appealing. All that fiber! At 30% off! What!?! But really folks, take a step back and evaluate that yarn. Is it something you would really buy if it wasn't on sale? I say this because I love me a good sale and it has come to bite me in the ass.

Behold, the ugliest socks ever. Provided to you by sale yarn from my local fiber festival.

I'm not linking the dyer because I don't want you to think they don't have great yarn. They do, they really do, but this one just did not knit up well. I tried other patterns, different stitches, any thing to make these look better and they are just as ugly.

But they make me laugh! They are so ugly I just can't wait to wear them and laugh at how ugly they are! I just need to cast on the second one and giggle while I do.

So just remember people, do you really want that sale or is it just a great bargain?

Also on today's agenda, the first book club meeting at my yarn shop! I just finished The Friday Night Knitting Club for the second time and I'm excited to discuss with the ladies. Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams  for their make "Alongs" this week.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


This month I'm participating in Aroha Knits  #transformyouryarn monthly photo challenge. It's been interesting looking at how people are responding to the posts, some very similar to mine and lots completely different. Here are my photos for the week.

1. #mystory

Joining in #transformyouryarn prompts for this month by @arohaknits this is #mystory. My name is Sierra, I'm 24 years old and yarn/knitting is my whole life! I work full time at a yarn shop and absolutely love it. When I'm not at the yarn shop I love to travel! This is a photo of me in Scotland this summer! I loved being able to walk with the sheep #johnogroats and see the amazing sights with my family. I have plans to travel back to Europe this spring hitting up Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands. I will be traveling with my trusty sock projects and waiting to find new yarn! This May I'll have known how to knit for 11 years! I will forever see the knitting class my mom gave me for my birthday as my best gift ever. Who new that my life would revolve around it and we would have an amazing bond over this art. Thanks Mom!

2. #whyiknit

#whyiknit because this is my form of art. #knit #knitting #shawl #newdesign #handknit #stitcheswest

3. #specialplace

This is the shop where I work full time and this is my #specialplace here I help knitters find their confidence, solve problems, and speak the yarny language all day. I am so thankful for my job. #knit #knitting #yarn #yarnshop #LYS#work @arohaknits

4. #dailyinspiration

Walking past my sock baskets every morning is my #dailyinspiration I always want to add more to this amazing display of color. #knit#knitting #socks #handknitsocks #handknit#socktawk #operationsockdrawer#transformyouryarn

5. #knittingmagic

6. #meditation

7. #selfcare

This is my #selfcare I know myself, every six months I start to resent my job a little. I know that I need to take a little time away for just me, get out of my norm and explore. That's why I'm one month I'll be in  #Malaga #rome and #amsterdam for three weeks! #reservationconfirmed #transformyouryarn #travel #europe #europe2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Trip to Stitches!

The last weekend in February my mom and I made the trip down to Santa Clara for Stitches West 2017! If you haven't heard, Stitches West is a knitting convention that takes place on the west coast (though there are others around the country). This event is hosted by XRX Knitting Universe and is one of the largest knitting conventions, with a fantastical amount of indie dyers and larger dye companies.

This is the fourth year my mom and I have made it out to the event and I love the weekend we get to spend together. We drove down Thursday night and attended the market place Friday and Saturday, and for the first time we attended the fashion show and dinner on Friday night.

Stitches is magical because you are surrounded by yarny people who love and practice the same thing you do! Here are a few photos of what the market place looked like and the fun my mom and I were having while we shopped and attended.

If you ever have the opportunity to attended Stitches West DO IT! Don't even hesitate to say yes, it's worth it to see and experience.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stripy Socks!

Finished up a new pair of socks last night! I love them!

This slip stitch pattern isn't something new but I had never tried it before and it looks so dang cute! I'm also in love with these socks because I dyed the yarn!

Of course Andrea and I dyed it together, she is the self-striping sock yarn queen! I just get to be part of the entourage that follows along and plays with the colors. I will definitely be wearing these while it's still cool enough to wear hand knit socks.

Reading Friday Night Knit Club for my yarn shops book club and joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams this week. Happy Wednesday!