Monday, November 6, 2017

Seattle and Beyond

In September my mom and went on another adventure and drove up the west coast USA and went to Seattle and Vancouver BC! So much knitting, driving, music, yarn and laughs happened on our 11 day trip.

Yes, that many yarn shops and Fiber events in 11 days (that includes all the driving too). Crazy fun!

Seattle is my favorite US city I have ever visited, usually cities give me major anxiety (Honolulu I'm looking at you) but Seattle was bright and open and super easy to navigate. I can't wait to go back and visit again along with Bainbridge Island.

We spent hours in Churchmouse looking at all their amazing samples, gadgets, and trinkets. All the women who were working were helpful and lovely, it made me so happy. 

After our visit to Seattle we headed up to Squamish BC and then down into Vancouver. We spent our evening on Granville Island and had a great time exploring all the individual shops and found a great fabric shop. Our last full day in Vancouver we headed to Knit City and about exploded with excitement.

I've spend quite a bit of time at fiber festivals and I appreciated the laid back vibe that came with Knit City. All the designers were mingling and checking out their designs on knitters. It felt like a small local festival but had the choices closer to a Stitches event in the US.

I have a finished object from my trip and that is my Seattle Socks! They are subtly Seattle Sea Hawks colors and my mom and bought and started them in Seattle. I love having these little memories in my everyday life.

I can't wait to show you more projects from my Knit City and West Coast yarn adventures!

For reading, I just finished Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly and really enjoyed it. The novel was based on real women and their experiences but with some artistic interpretation by the author. It was the first book I'd read that focused on women and their experiences during WWII and not men. I cannot recommend it enough!