Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Scrunch Cowl

All this month is first for the year first sock pattern, first shawl pattern, first female VP, first cowl pattern. Did you see how I threw that in there? I'm so excited! Kamala Harris is the first female to ever be sworn in as the United States Vice President and I'm alive to see it. What a day! 

I'm no VP for the US but I do have a new cowl pattern! Scrunch Cowl is a perfect design for scraps, mini skeins, or advent calendars. Scrunch is knit in the round, garter stitch, cowl that has a fun little i-cord feature. 

Changing colors every row is easy when you weave your ends in a the same time. Scrunch has four different version all in one pattern, a light weight small size, light weight large size, heavy weight small size, and heavy weight large size. The sizes featured in the photos are the light weight small (green) and the heavy weight large (pink) and they were both so fun to knit! 

The pink is a strand of lace weight and a strand of fingering weight held together, I changed the fingering weight after every garter bump and used the same ball of lace weight throughout. The weight needed for the different cowls ranges from 100 grams for the light weight small to 280 grams for the heavy weight large. 

I don't really have any yarn recommendations for this design, I used a little bit of everything and pulled it all from stash. Have fun, create a palette, make it wild, enjoy the knit! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Anderson Socks

My first sock pattern for 2021! I really enjoyed knitting up these socks, a bit of knit and purl, a bit of twisted stitches makes for an easy and enjoyable knit. 

Anderson socks were knit with a lightly variegated Merino/Nylon yarn, which makes these socks work for nearly every dye style. The only dye style I would be wary of is a highly variegated yarn, I think your work on the box stitches will be hidden. As usual, I suggest a yarn that has some amount of nylon in it but if you prefer a 100% wool sock then knit on! 

The name for this sock came from the street my middle school is on, nothing too special there but influenced by my life. I hope that you enjoy knitting Anderson socks as much as I did! 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Fancy AF

 Happy 2021, freaking finally! 2020, felt like the longest and shortest year yet. To celebrate the arrival of the new year I have a new shawl pattern. It is a fun, quick, and easy shawl for the new year, just what you need. The pattern is available to purchase here

The name of the shawl comes from the original colorway name 'Playing Dress Up' in the Yowza base from Miss Babs. The base is 100% Superwash Merino and it is divine! Back to the name. Going from 'Playing Dress Up' made me think of the 'Pretty, Pretty, Princess' game from when my sisters and I were kids, which then led to the thinking how fancy you feeling playing that game and dress up. So the name Fancy AF came to be:) 

Fancy AF is a heavier weight shawl (DK) knit using a US 7 needle so it knit up super quick. You also get to enjoy every stitch being just slightly different if you're using a variegated yarn. I utilized drop stitches to make the fringe and an i cord bind off for a clean finish. 

If you want to substitute yarn you can pretty much use whatever you want. The shaping is simple and the stitch work is garter so and fiber will work. I do recommend blocking to get the kinks out of the fringe when you drop it. 

Get ready to feel Fancy as F*ck in your new shawl!