Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Anderson Socks

My first sock pattern for 2021! I really enjoyed knitting up these socks, a bit of knit and purl, a bit of twisted stitches makes for an easy and enjoyable knit. 

Anderson socks were knit with a lightly variegated Merino/Nylon yarn, which makes these socks work for nearly every dye style. The only dye style I would be wary of is a highly variegated yarn, I think your work on the box stitches will be hidden. As usual, I suggest a yarn that has some amount of nylon in it but if you prefer a 100% wool sock then knit on! 

The name for this sock came from the street my middle school is on, nothing too special there but influenced by my life. I hope that you enjoy knitting Anderson socks as much as I did! 

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