Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Scrunch Cowl

All this month is first for the year first sock pattern, first shawl pattern, first female VP, first cowl pattern. Did you see how I threw that in there? I'm so excited! Kamala Harris is the first female to ever be sworn in as the United States Vice President and I'm alive to see it. What a day! 

I'm no VP for the US but I do have a new cowl pattern! Scrunch Cowl is a perfect design for scraps, mini skeins, or advent calendars. Scrunch is knit in the round, garter stitch, cowl that has a fun little i-cord feature. 

Changing colors every row is easy when you weave your ends in a the same time. Scrunch has four different version all in one pattern, a light weight small size, light weight large size, heavy weight small size, and heavy weight large size. The sizes featured in the photos are the light weight small (green) and the heavy weight large (pink) and they were both so fun to knit! 

The pink is a strand of lace weight and a strand of fingering weight held together, I changed the fingering weight after every garter bump and used the same ball of lace weight throughout. The weight needed for the different cowls ranges from 100 grams for the light weight small to 280 grams for the heavy weight large. 

I don't really have any yarn recommendations for this design, I used a little bit of everything and pulled it all from stash. Have fun, create a palette, make it wild, enjoy the knit! 

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