Thursday, April 13, 2023

Spring Socks for me!

I love to knit a pair of socks for the coming of a new season and during the season. Seeing as it's April 2023 it's Spring sock time! 

I picked a pastel rainbow self-striping yarn distributed by Lang Yarns from stash and I had so much fun knitting it. The yarn is Super Soxx Color in color 901.0199 (I don't have an affiliation to this shop but I wanted to link it in case you'd like some.) I loved every time the color started to change, it was like a small push to get to the next section. 

The yarn is definitely a hardy wool, not soft to the touch but such hardwearing socks are my favorite! They wear well and don't stretch out as quickly as the softer handdyed yarns. 

The heel was pulled from my leftovers stash and seemed to match perfectly. Using a vanilla pattern and adding in a heel flap a had 33 grams of yarn left so my mom will be knitting a pair of shorty socks with a contrast heel and toe. 

Do you like to knit with seasonal colors? Is it usually socks or a larger project? 

Friday, April 7, 2023

Playground Shawl

It's April of 2023 and I haven't published a shawl pattern yet! Well, worry no more because the first shawl of 2023 is here! Playground shawl is a top down triangle shawl that uses four different stitch patterns to show off your skills and keep you interested. 

Why Playground? Have you ever watched kids on a playground, how they bounce from one activity to another as they see fit? Playground Shawl is very similar! As soon as you start to get bored with a section you are on to the next one! 

Playground has broken rib, garter, a simple lace, and half twisted rib and each section keeps your needles flying! The yarn is a fingering weight with ~800 yards used. So whatever you are comfortable having around your neck will work.