Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Meridian Hat

I have a new pattern out and it's a hat! Meridian Hat is a companion piece to the Meridian Shawl that came out last fall.

Each design features an easy to memorize braid cable that looks complicated but is only four rows! the Meridian hat was knit out of Shalimar Yarns in their Breathless base which is a Merino, Cashmere, & Silk blend. This fingering weight yarn was so nice to knit with! The FO has amazing drape and feels so good but still enough structure that the cables show well and the hat hasn't stretched out.

I would personally choose to knit something like this in a solid or semi-solid. Almost all my test knitters went the opposite direction and chose variegated and they look amazing! You can check out their projects here to take a look at their ideas.

You can pretty much pick any kind of fingering weight yarn and have a great project. I would advise against a full out self patterning or 100% cotton (not enough memory), but have a stash dive and take a look!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Ellie's Birthday Socks

My middle sister is turning 24! Each year we comment on how old we are, which makes my parents even older. To me it's even more astounding when my siblings hit certain milestones vs me. I'm the oldest so when the other two start getting older I'm shocked!

For the last few years for Christmas, important events, and birthdays my sisters have gotten socks. This year my sister Ellie (the middle sister) has her birthday and college graduation in the same weekend. Right now we are in the midst of COVID19 so we won't be having a graduation ceremony but that doesn't mean that this is any less of an achievement or any less important.

This yarn is one I picked up in Port Angeles WA when my mom and I went to visit a couple of years ago. My families hope is to make this area our new home. It's lovely and way less hot than California, we are taking a trip up again for 4th of July.

This is my basic vanilla pattern, not one I've written out but if you take out any of the patterning from my sock patterns you have my vanilla sock.

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Duplo Socks

I love simple and easy to memorize patterns (kind of the whole idea of my company) and Duplo Socks  definitely lives up to those expectations. Duplo Socks are a basket weave variation that works with so many different dye styles!

I designed the socks in a variegated yarn but had a variety of dye styles from the tests. I loved the ones that were done in a solid so the pattern really popped. I think the only dye style I would probably not knit these in is a self-patterning. 

I think both the pattern in the sock and the pattern in the yarn would hide each other. You won't get the full effect of the self-patterning yarn (which is amazing) but you also won't see the work that is put into the pattern. 

This pattern is an 8 stitches repeat so the cast-on sizes are 56, 64, and 72. There really isn't an easy way to add or takeaway stitches for this one. 

Happy Knitting! 


P.S. As always, this pattern is set up with a 'Pay What You Can' scale, meaning there are coupons codes to use on Ravelry that set the cost from 4.99-7.99. This means that the knitter gets to decide what to pay and makes my patterns more accessible while also giving me a fair wage. If you have any questions about this pay se-up please send me an email at skreun1@gmail.com 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I Like it Bold

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all healthy and staying home. All Knit Up Designs has been as busy as ever, nannying, designing, dog walking, and hanging out with my family. My newest pattern release is a shawl pattern and I am so excited about it!

I Like it Bold is a pattern that knitters receive when they sign-up for my newsletter! So excited to be able to contribute this pattern to the knitting community.

Obviously, I knit it in a very 'Sierra' colorway for people who know me personally but there is quite a lot of room to make the color scheme your own with this design.

I picked the speckled colorway as my main color and then picked 3-4 other colors to pull/contrast/highlight from the main colorway.

You definitely could pick a solid as the main color and then coordinating minis, you could also pick a main and one contrast to really highlight the stripes sequence on the edge. Any fingering weight yarn will work, no need for a hand dyed or luxury blend. Though I think a drapey silk blend out be gorgeous!

Happy Knitting!


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Saddle Socks

Remember the leggings with the elastic strap for under your foot? Well, I designed socks that are very reminiscent of that particular article of clothing! I'd like you to welcome Saddle Socks to the All Knit Up Designs pattern portfolio!

With its simple garter detail this sock is the perfect social pattern (whether online or in person). Designed in a variegated yarn, I can recommend almost any dye style with this pattern! Take a look at the test knits and see the different varieties used! Any sock yarn with a wool/nylon content (for strength) will work for this pattern.