Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Duplo Socks

I love simple and easy to memorize patterns (kind of the whole idea of my company) and Duplo Socks  definitely lives up to those expectations. Duplo Socks are a basket weave variation that works with so many different dye styles!

I designed the socks in a variegated yarn but had a variety of dye styles from the tests. I loved the ones that were done in a solid so the pattern really popped. I think the only dye style I would probably not knit these in is a self-patterning. 

I think both the pattern in the sock and the pattern in the yarn would hide each other. You won't get the full effect of the self-patterning yarn (which is amazing) but you also won't see the work that is put into the pattern. 

This pattern is an 8 stitches repeat so the cast-on sizes are 56, 64, and 72. There really isn't an easy way to add or takeaway stitches for this one. 

Happy Knitting! 


P.S. As always, this pattern is set up with a 'Pay What You Can' scale, meaning there are coupons codes to use on Ravelry that set the cost from 4.99-7.99. This means that the knitter gets to decide what to pay and makes my patterns more accessible while also giving me a fair wage. If you have any questions about this pay se-up please send me an email at skreun1@gmail.com 

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