Thursday, March 9, 2023

Little Pops Hat and Cowl

Do little things make you happy? A small sticker, a tiny tapestry needle? For me, they totally do. Little Pops Hat and Cowl set brings out those tiny pops of color to make you ridiculously happy! 

Little Pops Duo is a meditative knit with stockinette in the round interspersed with a slip stitch round that is easy to memorize and breaks up the knitting. 

This set can be made as a matching set to fit your winter wardrobe or switch it up and make them fraternal twins, change which color is the contrast and which one is the main color. 

The sample was made with a neutral color as the base and a barber poled gradient, a fun way to add hand spun or a similar yarn to your knit. Don't have a hand spun yarn? Use scraps or a variegated yarn as the contrast color! 

The only requirement for this set is to have the main yarn be comfy on your skin. You can even play around with the weight of the yarn. The main color for the samples is a fingering weight but the contrast color is classified as a sport weight. What do you think you're going to use?