Monday, February 19, 2018


The title of this post was on my favorite sign I saw at Sacramento Women's March 2018, I laughed like a lunatic when I read it. Last year I had no idea what was going on, other than the fact that we voted an idiot in for president. I only worked at a yarn shop and wondered why the f*ck we were selling so much pink yarn.

I didn't realize until after the march what a lasting effect and legacy that march would lead to. It's disheartening but also breathtaking the amount of women who have replied #metoo and to realize you aren't alone. In November when more women came into work looking for pink yarn I found out about the second march on the anniversary and this time I knew I needed to participate.

I signed up family up and proceeded to knit our pink hats, while also knitting pink pussy hats for the shop to show our support for the women's march.

The march was eye opening, so many people all together behind the same cause; phenomenal. The entire experience was peaceful but invigorating while also being polite. I was shocked there were no counter protesters but honestly, how can you be against a march that is to better the life of women?

I'm excited to see more movements and monumental events come out of the women's march. Here's to better days ladies!

As for my project, these are the socks that I cast-on to march with. This is White Birch Fiber Arts in Nasty Women colorway, I thought it was appropriate knitting.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Happy Valentines Day! I really enjoy the look of sales but find using a cable needle tedious so an awesome alternative is a faux cable. Roundabout is a simple and easy to memorize (like most of my patterns) pattern that uses a faux cable technique that does not require a cable needle.

This pattern is knitted on only the front of the sock but would be very easy to repeat across the entire leg. This pattern looks great in a solid, tonal, varigated, or speckled yarn! Happy Knitting!

All Knit Up Designs

Ravelry: sierrak2010
Instagram: allknitup
400 yards fingering weight yarn (Angora Online used in sample) 
Needle: Hiya Hiya 9 inch circular US 1.5 / 2.5 mm
Gauge: 28 stitches and 32 rows = 4"
Pattern uses Modified Eye of Partridge Heel Flap and Wedge Toe
K: knit 
P: Purl 
P2Tog: Purl two together
K2Tog: Knit two together
PSSO: Pass Slip Stitch Over
SL: Slip
SSK: Slip, slip, knit 
SM: Slip marker 
WYIF: With yarn in front
WYIB: With yarn in back
YO: Yarn Over 
Cast on 60 Stitches. (Place a marker at the beginning of and the middle of the round)

Ribbing: *Purl 1, Knit 3, Purl 1* for 18 rounds

For your sock to look like the sample knit the stitch pattern across only the first 30 stitches of the sock. 

Yarn over Cable 
Round 1: * P1, SL1-K2-PSSO, P1; repeat from * (Please see abbreviations for PSSO explanation)  
Round 2: * P1, K1, YO, K1, P1; repeat from *
Round 3 & 4: *P1, K3, P1; repeat from*

Repeat these four rows for your preferred leg length. (I repeated the pattern rows twelve times) 

Starting heel flap. (You will be working flat on half of your stitches) 

Turn work with wrong side facing, you will be working back across the last 30 stitches

 Tip: I switch to using a DPN for the heel flap and turn when using a 9 inch circ

Row 1: Knit 3, Purl 27
Row 2: Purl 3 * Knit 1, slip 1 knitwise with yarn in back * repeat to last 3 stitches, knit 3
Row 3: Knit 3, purl across
Row 4: Purl 3, * Slip 1 knitwise with yarn in back, Knit 1 * repeat to last 3 stitches, knit 3 

Repeat these 4 rows eight times total (You will have 16 Garter bumps along the edge) 

Starting the heel turn
Row 1: Slip 1 purlwise wyif, P15, P2Tog, P1, turn
Row 2: Slip 1 knitwise wyib, k3, SSK, k1, turn
Row 3: Slip 1 pw wyif, P4, P2Tog, P1, turn
Row 4: Slip 1 kw wyib, K5, SSK, k1, turn  
Row 5: Slip 1 pw wyif, P6, P2Tog, P1, turn 
Row 6: Slip 1 kw wyib, K7, SSK , K1, turn
Row 7: Slip 1 pw wyif, P8, P2TOG, P1, turn
Row 8: Slip 1 kw wyib, K9, SSK, K1, turn
Row 9: Slip 1 pw wyif, P10, P2TOG, P1, turn
Row 10: Slip 1 kw wyib, K11, SSK, K1, turn
Row 11: Slip 1 pw wyif, P12, P2TOG, P1, turn
Row 12: Slip 1 kw wyib, K13, SSK, K1, turn
Row 13: Slip 1 pw wyif, P14, P2TOG, turn
Row 14: Slip 1 kw wyib, K 14, SSK 

(You should have closed all ‘gaps’ and have 16 stitches from the heel flap and turn) 

Now you will pick up and knit 16 stitches along the heel flap (one stitch for every garter bump) 

Once you’ve picked up the first side of the gusset, pick up one extra stitch in between the gusset and top of the foot (This helps close up any small hole between gusset and foot) 

   Tip: Stitches picked up between gusset & foot should be knit through the back loop. 

Place marker A after picking up and knitting the stitch between gusset and foot 

Work pattern across top of foot, place marker B. 

Now pick up and knit one extra stitch between the top of the foot and the next side of the gusset, pick up and knit 16 garter bumps from heel flap. (You now have 80 stitches on your needles, 30 from marker A to B, 50 from marker B to A) 

Knit one round plain (no increasing/decreasing, follow pattern at top of the foot) 

After knitting this round, stop three stitches before marker A 

Round 1: K2TOG, K 1, sm, work in pattern to next marker, sm, K 1, SSK, Knit to marker A 

Round 2: SM A, work in pattern to next marker, sm B, knit to three stitches before marker A

Repeat these two rounds until you have 30 stitches left between marker B and A 

Continue working in pattern across top of foot and knitting along the bottom until foot length measures 1.5 inches less than desired length.

Start toe decreases three stitches before marker A (When knitting in the round becomes uncomfortable, switch to Double Point Needles) 

Round 1: K2TOG, K1, sm, K1, SSK, knit to three stitches before next marker, K2TOG, K1, sm, K1, SSK, Knit to marker A

Round 2: Knit entire round 

Repeat these two rounds until sock measures length of foot. (Stitch count will be determined by the length of your toe box.)

Complete the sock with a kitchener stitch. (Here is a tutorial link)