Friday, April 7, 2023

Playground Shawl

It's April of 2023 and I haven't published a shawl pattern yet! Well, worry no more because the first shawl of 2023 is here! Playground shawl is a top down triangle shawl that uses four different stitch patterns to show off your skills and keep you interested. 

Why Playground? Have you ever watched kids on a playground, how they bounce from one activity to another as they see fit? Playground Shawl is very similar! As soon as you start to get bored with a section you are on to the next one! 

Playground has broken rib, garter, a simple lace, and half twisted rib and each section keeps your needles flying! The yarn is a fingering weight with ~800 yards used. So whatever you are comfortable having around your neck will work. 

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