Friday, January 8, 2021

Fancy AF

 Happy 2021, freaking finally! 2020, felt like the longest and shortest year yet. To celebrate the arrival of the new year I have a new shawl pattern. It is a fun, quick, and easy shawl for the new year, just what you need. The pattern is available to purchase here

The name of the shawl comes from the original colorway name 'Playing Dress Up' in the Yowza base from Miss Babs. The base is 100% Superwash Merino and it is divine! Back to the name. Going from 'Playing Dress Up' made me think of the 'Pretty, Pretty, Princess' game from when my sisters and I were kids, which then led to the thinking how fancy you feeling playing that game and dress up. So the name Fancy AF came to be:) 

Fancy AF is a heavier weight shawl (DK) knit using a US 7 needle so it knit up super quick. You also get to enjoy every stitch being just slightly different if you're using a variegated yarn. I utilized drop stitches to make the fringe and an i cord bind off for a clean finish. 

If you want to substitute yarn you can pretty much use whatever you want. The shaping is simple and the stitch work is garter so and fiber will work. I do recommend blocking to get the kinks out of the fringe when you drop it. 

Get ready to feel Fancy as F*ck in your new shawl! 

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