Sunday, March 12, 2017


This month I'm participating in Aroha Knits  #transformyouryarn monthly photo challenge. It's been interesting looking at how people are responding to the posts, some very similar to mine and lots completely different. Here are my photos for the week.

1. #mystory

Joining in #transformyouryarn prompts for this month by @arohaknits this is #mystory. My name is Sierra, I'm 24 years old and yarn/knitting is my whole life! I work full time at a yarn shop and absolutely love it. When I'm not at the yarn shop I love to travel! This is a photo of me in Scotland this summer! I loved being able to walk with the sheep #johnogroats and see the amazing sights with my family. I have plans to travel back to Europe this spring hitting up Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands. I will be traveling with my trusty sock projects and waiting to find new yarn! This May I'll have known how to knit for 11 years! I will forever see the knitting class my mom gave me for my birthday as my best gift ever. Who new that my life would revolve around it and we would have an amazing bond over this art. Thanks Mom!

2. #whyiknit

#whyiknit because this is my form of art. #knit #knitting #shawl #newdesign #handknit #stitcheswest

3. #specialplace

This is the shop where I work full time and this is my #specialplace here I help knitters find their confidence, solve problems, and speak the yarny language all day. I am so thankful for my job. #knit #knitting #yarn #yarnshop #LYS#work @arohaknits

4. #dailyinspiration

Walking past my sock baskets every morning is my #dailyinspiration I always want to add more to this amazing display of color. #knit#knitting #socks #handknitsocks #handknit#socktawk #operationsockdrawer#transformyouryarn

5. #knittingmagic

6. #meditation

7. #selfcare

This is my #selfcare I know myself, every six months I start to resent my job a little. I know that I need to take a little time away for just me, get out of my norm and explore. That's why I'm one month I'll be in  #Malaga #rome and #amsterdam for three weeks! #reservationconfirmed #transformyouryarn #travel #europe #europe2017


  1. I would love to work at a yarn store...lucky you. And I totally agree with you about can totally revitalize you. Enjoy!

    1. I can't wait to go! Two of the countries I've never been to before so I'm excited to visit!

  2. oh how lucky you are to work at a yarn shop, that would be a dream come true! I loved getting to know you and I remember when you went to europe!

    1. I honestly don't think there could be a more perfect job for me than working in the yarn shop. It leaves me time to knit and design and be surrounded by yarn all day. It's been fun participating in the challenge, though keeping up every day has been hard.

  3. So nice to know a little bit more about you. Working in a yarn shop can be a dangerous thing though, haha :) I think I would take my salary in skeins :)

    1. If I didn't love traveling so much I think my boss could just pay me in yarn:)