Friday, August 19, 2016

I've Become a KAL Person

I've never really felt the need to be part of KALs. Social media isn't a large part of my life so I had never been drawn to participate. Then podcasts came along and I fell down the rabbit hole, I am in FIVE KALs this summer. A few are double dips but still, damn. I'm a bit of a junky now. I'm just going to talk about my FO's for one, the Hey Sister Podcast hat KAL!

I cut my hair last summer from about 2 feet to way above my shoulders. Turns out, when you cut really kinky curly hair from extremely long to fairly short it goes crazy.


I haven't had to wear hats to cover up the 'flat' portion of my curls all year long! Meaning, I haven't needed to knit any more hats for my wardrobe. This makes me sad and miss my quick hat projects. So this KAL was perfect!

I finished these two charity hats within a week. I got into my hat groove again and knit right along on these. The red is Keaton in Cascade 128 Superwash which was kind of a trial for me to see if I enjoyed the look of this hat. I did, so more will be made soon. The purple is TCS Simple Hat made from yarn left from my Leslie sweater! This was the first adult sweater I had ever finished and wore to Stitches West!

The #heysisterhatKAL is still going strong so I knit more! I have had this Malabrigo Rios in stash for quite some time and I just really wanted to be able to wear this in the fall. Look at this color! Wow!

I am in constant search for the perfect hipster slouch, I used the numbers and needles sizes from the Graham hat but only using 1x1 rib. I like, but I still don't love. Let me know if you have the perfect single rib slouchy beanie pattern. I think the weight of the yarn is important, sock yarn is the key. I'll update on my other KALs in the coming weeks!


  1. KALs are great motivators, way to go for doing so many! I love these hats, particularly the blue tweed one.

    1. Thanks! I'm very pleased with how they turned out! KALs are kind of hit or miss for me, this summer they have worked out pretty well.