Monday, July 10, 2017

Zebra Socks

If you're a regular blog reader than you've noticed I've put out a few sock patterns and plan to continue to do so. It's been a bit of a learning curve working on design knitting vs non-design knitting. But I've finally finished up a project I can share with you guys!

These are my Zebra Socks and I think they are so awesome! I really enjoyed working with the woolly Regia and just a simple stockinette sock. But they look so cool! Understated until your really look at them and realize what they are.

For being a back burner project these didn't take me very long to finish. To be totally honest I started them because I needed movie theatre knitting when a group of friends and I went to see Wonder Woman. Which BTW has anyone seen this amazing wrap on Ravelry? Need to knit.

And that's pretty much it about these socks, written and re-written while listening to this song.


  1. what a fun design. I find sock yarn funny, sometimes you expect a certain look and something else turns up based on the dyeing. Love the zebra look!

    1. I'm always shocked by the yarn I think will end up random and ends up spiraling around the sock. -Sierra