Monday, May 25, 2020

Scales Shawl

This shawl was so much fun to knit and a little harder to design. My method for designing is writing everything by hand first and then translating it to the computer. With this shawl I thought I wrote something wrong in my notes and changed it, come to find out that I messed the whole beginning repeat up!

Thanks to my amazing and patient test knitters I was able to move my repeat around. They found so many errors and corrections I wouldn't be able to do it without them! 

The only thing my family could agree on with this shawl is that it looks like scales; mermaid scales, fish scales, snake scales. Didn't seem to matter what kind so that is how the name came about. Welcome the Scales shawl to All Knit Up Designs portfolio!

Scales is a DK weight, mock cable, asymmetric triangle shawl that is so squishy! I knit mine with Yowza by Miss Babs and I love this yarn! I've got quite a few hanks of this amazing yarn hanging out in my stash and I knew that I needed to design a shawl that used a single skein.

This simple mock cable works great with variegated yarns to make them shine! My testers used solid colored yarns and the pattern stands out so well, click HERE to see the testers projects. I would suggest a yarn that has some drape to it and that will block out, this shawl essentially is 2x2 ribbing. If you choose to use a synthetic you will have to steam block the shawl to make it lay flat. 

Happy Knitting!



  1. Absoultely beautiful! I just ordered Yowza, Blue Dasher and will begin this beauty when it arrives! Love it :)

    1. Thank you! Isn't the colorway just gorgeous! Yowza is such a nice yarn to knit with, I hope you love your project!