Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Little Bits

Another pattern, another blog post! I have a new shawl coming out and it uses mosaic knitting! Not sure what mosaic is? Check out my previous blog post here and get a little background. 

Little Bits is my newest shawl pattern! Little Bits uses an asymmetric triangle shaping and mosaic stitches to create a simple stitch pattern that highlights and play with color! 

I used a light main color and then a gradient set (well, part of a gradient set. I kind of deconstructed the sit and picked what I want.) There is 800 yards of the main and 160 yards (30 grams) of contrast for the large size, the small size is 400 yards of the main and 100 yards (20 grams) of contrast. 

I think this would be a great project to use your leftovers if you don't have a gradient in stash! I used a merino cashmere base but whatever base you are comfortable wearing around your neck is perfect for your shawl! Can't wait to see your version! -- Sierra 

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