Thursday, June 2, 2016

Travel Knitting?

What is everyone's favorite travel knitting? I'll be traveling in Europe for 4 weeks from mid-June to mid-July and I need a bit of help picking a few projects to bring with me. Sock yarn is my favorite to knit will but I'm up for other suggestions if I fall in love with the pattern. I will have a trans-atlantic plane ride as well as multiple semi-long train rides.

My last trip on the European continent I brought yarn for a hat, a hitchhiker and a pair of socks. I bought plenty of yarn so I had more to cast on but I'm faster now and need more to knit on. I plan to visit multiple yarn stores while abroad, but just in case there is some catastrophic reason why I don't love the yarn I want to be able to knit.

I'll also be traveling with a knitting friend so we will make time to stop and knit different places. We plan to stop at multiple yarn stores but I want to have enough with me to keep me going to a while. Ideas anyone? Thanks for the help!


  1. Oh, travel knitting is my favorite thing in the world! I am going to cross teh ocean this year to visit my family. I am planning to take a crochet dress project with me to work on while I am visiting my family and maybe a simple garter stitch huge shawl to work on during the flight/car rides.

    1. I'm thinking two basic garter stitch shawls and two pairs of socks. And if I finish something then I guess I'll have to buy more sad:)