Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fall Socks?

It's nowhere near fall here anymore, but I did just finish my fall inspired socks!

I picked up my sock blank while on my trip to Seattle and Vancouver BC with my mom in Sept. 2017 (This was a phenomenal trip that I posted about awhile back). The blank is from GingerSnap (a new to me Canadian dyer) and I loved the yarn the blank was knit with. I usually find sock blanks to be a bit thinner than a traditional hank of yarn but this was a plump three-ply that made delicious socks.

I adored the fall theme and they were exactly what I needed to start when the cooler weather started to come.

My contrast cuff is Knit Picks Stroll  and it totally makes the socks! I love how they knit up but they wouldn't be as standout without the contrast.

My mom and I bought ten balls of Stroll last fall (2016) and split them so we could use them as contrasts for our socks. I love having that little extra to add to my knitting. Stroll is totally affordable and comes in 50 gram balls so you are purchasing a ton. I think when I buy my next lot of Felici I'll be purchasing matching heels/toes/cuffs yarn. 

Happy Knitting! 


  1. they are all ready for next fall :) Lovely socks and I love the contrasting cuff very much :)

    1. I'm excited that they are going to be new and fresh for next fall:) Sierra