Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Daybreak in Teals

I finished a shawl!
I know right! Crazy! It's been so long since I finished anything other than a pair of socks or a sweater.

Of course if I finished a shawl its a Westknits. I just finished up my Daybreak and I wore it the day after I finished/blocked it!

Honestly in the beginning I was having trouble keeping track of the rows, it's only a four row repeat but it just wouldn't stick in my head. I wasn't working on the shawl religiously and I think that was my major problem with not being able to memorize the pattern.

Once I actually started working on the pattern I didn't have any problems.

I have so many gradients in stash but I've hardly knit with them! It's almost as addictive as working on self-striping socks trying to get to the next color of the gradient.

I didn't follow the pattern for the edging, there was a bit more stockinette than I usually like at the bottom of my shawl. I find that a rolling stockinette edge makes the piece seem sloppy to me, I found the idea of a garter edging much more pleasing.

So yay! A new shawl to wear, even though spring has definitely hit California and I won't have much time left to wear it.

Happy Knitting!


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  1. Gosh this is so pretty! Love the colors. Daybreak was one of my first shawls that I knitted way back when and it remains one of my most worn items. I want to knit the garter version someday.