Sunday, September 30, 2018

I Haven't Knit a Shawl in Forever!

That's right, I'm back, and with a finished shawl!

A little explanation for my absence. I live in Northern California which means that we end up with average 100 F temperatures with large wildfires all summer long, and I just lose my mojo.

I'm a fair-skinned redhead to I spend the majority of the summer in-doors so I'm not as red as a cherry tomato and struggling to regulate my body heat with the excessive summer heat. With this I tend to get seasonal depression in the summer versus the winter.

We've had a first wave of cool fall weather (about 80 degrees) and I'm finally starting to feel like it's time to write again and spend some time outside!

So, sorry to ditch out on everyone for a few months!

But I am back, and although I haven't been posting I have been knitting!

I recently finished the Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart out of stash yarn and I love it!

It's been what feels like close to a year since I've absolutley loved a shawl that I was knitting. This one hit quite a few of my 'favorite' markers.

  • Easy to memorize but not boring. 
  • Very well written (Have you knit a Helen Stewart pattern? If not, what are you waiting for! Go check one out) 
  • Easy to wrap but not too big.

I'm so happy that my yarn choice worked so well with the pattern. The yarn isn't quite a variegate but obviously not a speckled. Also the name is 'You Can't Take the Honkeytonk Out of the Girl' which just about tops the name for yarn. The colors are so me I special ordered three hanks, two for a shawl and one for a pair of socks. Now I have matching shawl and socks to wear!

There is also three different lace patterns in the shawl that only use K2tog and YO. So simple and easy but great versatility, I've already worn it once this fall!


  1. welcome back!! lovely shawl and hopefully the 100 degree weather is done as well as the threat of fires.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy to be feeling more like myself and ready to share my knitting! Sierra