Monday, January 13, 2020

Polka Spot

Happy New Year and Decade! The last decade was crazy, life changing, and tons of growth for me. My decade in recap, 2010 I graduated High School and went to college, 2012 moved into my own apartment, 2014 graduated from College (UCM) and went to Europe of the first time. 2015 I went to Ireland, 2016 Germany, Austria, Scotland, and England, 2017 Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, 2018 I went to China. Through all of that I moved back home, became a nanny, worked at my local yarn shop, quite my first job as a server. My parents got separated and back together, I traveled to New York for Rhinebeck and Canada for KnitCity, I was diagnosed with anxiety and started medication that has forever made my life better. There was so. much. more that I don't even know how to write it all.

The start of this decade has me taking a step back at the yarn shop so have more time to design and releasing my first hat pattern!

Polka Spot was my first release of the year and the new decade. With yarn purchased on my first trip to Europe! Lana Gato Misina was purchased while I was in Italy and is the most luscious worsted weight wool. This wouldn't be the perfect wool for everyone, it definitely has some tooth to it but it shows the stitch pattern perfectly for Polka Spot.

Polka Spot is fun and quirky and very quick to knit. I was able to work both my samples up in one day each. There are five sizes to it's the perfect winter accessory for anyone in your life! I especially love it on kids:) Any worsted weight yarn with some body to it would be great for this hat. Wool, Wool/Acrylic, Acrylic would all be good choices. 

This fall when we visited Apple Hill (a series of apple orchards/farms) I brought along quite a bit of knitwear and was able to get my sisters to model. The child model is my co-workers daughter (she was paid in knitwear:)) 


  1. wow you did a lot! More than I did when I was that age, may your 2020 be filled with new life adventures and LOTS of knitting :) Love the hats!

  2. Nice to see you posting again! Happy 2020 - looking forward to seeing what you design this year