Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pay What Works

When you've purchased a pattern from my store you've noticed that there are multiple options that you can  pay for pricing. This is the Pay What Works scale and it allows for a tiered pricing system to help makers on all income levels purchase my patterns. 

I have heard quite a few arguments that this makes people uncomfortable to use. As a knitter who lived on a strict budget in college, only people who have financial privilege feel uncomfortable with this system. They usually want to pay a lower price because it's available but they can really afford to pay the higher one. The price difference allows for me to get paid a fair wage for my patterns from people who can afford it. Pay What Works helps alleviate some of the privilege that is associated with the fibers arts world. 

There are many designers who find the idea intriguing but aren't sure its financially feasible. From my experience it most definitely is. 

These are all slides that I have up on my Instagram to help other designers decide whether or not this system works for them. It's hard to jump into this system without knowing if you'll make your money. I hope that if any designers or knitters have more questions for me that you'll send me an email. I'd love to help other makers open up their patterns to more knitters and make our amazing art accessible to more people at all income levels. 

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