Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Applesauce Socks

Some know and some don't that other than designing, I'm a nanny! I nanny so I can financially support myself to eventually be a full time designer. Why do you need to know this? For the name of this pattern! Originally the name was going to 'Criss Cross' but once that came to mind, the next jump was 'Criss Cross Applesauce' that's when I realized the name needed to be Applesauce. My own kind of personal joke and my two jobs intersecting. 

The first iteration of these socks had the criss cross all around the sock and they really weren't stretchy enough. So I ripped out (which hurt my soul a little bit because they were past the heel) and started again. I added the garter to the back so that the sock would have enough stretch to go over peoples heels but it also doesn't knit as 'long' as stockinette stitch does. When you are finished with the sock the garter sucks down a littler further than the criss cross does. Once I washed them I didn't have any trouble.

The yarn used is a merino nylon blend tonally dyed to show off the stitches. Any wool/nylon blend of sock yarn will work. My testers used a variety of different dye styles you can see them here on Ravelry. You can try using a 100% wool fingering weight but I like having nylon in them for some strength. 

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