Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dillon Shawl

Hi Knitters! 

I have a new pattern out and a lot to say about it! Dillon is my newest creation I've unleashed to the knitting community, it's on Ravelry, as well as my e-commerse store. 

If you don't know/haven't seen, Ravelry has updated their user interface and layout. They did this quite quickly and many knitters have had adverse health effects from it. There has been reports of migraines, losing/blurred eye site, and seizures. I don't feel comfortable with Ravelry as my only platform with the way they are handling/not handling this. I'm introducing Payhip as another platform that will host my pattern PDFs. Right now I only have a few patterns up but I will have the rest of them up by the end of July. 

If you don't have access to your patterns you have already purchased from me on Ravelry please email me at and once I confirm I'll email you back a copy of your pattern. Please don't go into the comments of this post to rant about the detriment to peoples health not being true. It isn't your body, you don't get to comment. Now to switch gears...

Dillon, is a great stepping stone to two-color brioche! This shawl utilizes the same corrugated garter technique that many two-color brioche shawls use (here is a link to a blog post about a shawl I knit a few years ago that uses the technique.) 

I would recommend high contrast yarns for this project. I started out with the most gorgeous variegated combo and a solid that pulled colors from the variegated. Did not work. You couldn't see the corrugated effect at all! So when you swatch for this project, swatch in the corrugated garter section not just regular garter. I had a variety of bases that were used by testers (wool, wool/silk, synthetic) and they all worked great! Just make sure you have enough of the yardage discussed below. 

I used 420 yards of my first color (orange) and 600 of the second (blue) so if you have some of those fabulous 600 yard shawl skeins this would be the perfect project to combine with a single skein! I also really encourage following the slipped edge instructions diligently. This is how you achieve that nice crisp edge. I hope you love it as much as I do! Can't wait to see your color combos. Happy Knitting! - Sierra 

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