Monday, July 20, 2020

Happy Scrappy Shawl

I knit a ton, as if that wasn't obvious to everyone. Along with all that knitting comes and incredible amount of leftover yarn and I really enjoy figuring out ways to utilize them. 

Happy Scrappy was born out of my obsession with 'dropping the fringe' and working with my leftovers. This amazing shawl was created all from my scrap bin! I used ~220 grams of all different bases of fingering weight and knitting just two rows with each color. (Link to Ravelry and Payhip)

If you don't have enough scraps to have such variety (yet), pick two skeins from your stash and stripe them, or purchase one solid color skein to stripe with your leftovers. 

While this shawl was designed for fingering weight it would be so easy to size up! You would knit a worsted weight version and all you have to do is change your needle size. (I would recommend going up to a US 8) 

I can't wait to see your combos! 

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