Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Hello Knitters! I have a new shawl pattern to share with you! Wishing, comes from my desire for fall weather, everything Pumpkin Spice (not coffee), and knitwear season, this is what I told everyone the name came from. The name actually came from wishing for fire season to be over, wishing racism wasn't a debate for people, wishing people were better. But, it takes more than wishing, it takes action. Call your local representatives, VOTE this November, take action and educate yourself. 

Now, the actual shawl information. I used a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend that was designed with 150 grams or ~600 yards. So the shawl is easily made larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the number of repeats you knit. As for the fiber content you can pretty much use anything that is a fingering weight. Though, as with the majority of my shawls, you can totally use a different weight to knit them and adjust your needle size. 

The fringe for Wishing is made entirely from my scrap bins. As I've talked about before, I cannot throw those little nuggets away so I have to find design ideas for them. Using this border requires no ends to be woven in! Thank The Lord! There is no way I plan to ever design a shawl with that ends to weave in, that hurts my soul. 

I hope I get to see your combos soon! 

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