Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tea House

Originally this shawl was going to be called Knit Night, after thinking it over I didn't want knitters who don't have a knit night to feel excluded or think the pattern wasn't for them .

What this shawl really is is a take-along project for whenever you have some time to knit, whether you are by yourself, having coffee with a friend, or at knit night. The next name was going to be Coffee House, I don't drink coffee so that was nixed. 

My best friend and knit companion Cameron is a voracious tea drinker so whenever we are knitting together that is what she will usually order. The pink color in the shawl is named Tea Rose, so as inspiration from her and the yarn name Tea House was born! 

Tea House is a hybrid shawl shape, deeper than a traditional crescent but not a half circle either. So simple to memorize and a great way to combine some colors. Tea House is pretty much the same row over and over again while changing the colors. 

The yarn I used is a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend but as usual any fingering weight yarn will work. Only part of this shawl you have to pay a speck of attention to is the picot bind off. I've included a video link for a tutorial incase knitters have never used this bind off before. 


  1. Hi this is my first shawl ever and I am still a beginner. I seem to have big holes forming at the yarn overs. Also, if I follow steps, there is a yarn over after 3 stitches, which makes you do a yarn over on the previous row yarn over... I don't understand. Your help would be much appreciated. Pascale

    1. Yep! That is correct. The YO build on top of each other to create the crescent shape. Even though you are making the YO on top of the other one you still knit the YO from the previous row. Your row is K3, SM, YO, then K1. That K1 is knitting the YO from the previous row.


    2. Thank you for the explanation.
      I just love that pink. Can you tell me what both yarns were please.

      Thank you !


    3. You're welcome! The yarn is Sweet Fiber (a company out of Canada) and the colors are Ecru and Tea Rose in the Cashmerino 20 base. It was AMAZING to knit with 😍