Friday, November 13, 2020

Antler Socks

I have to say that cabling is not my favorite technique in knitting. Cabling is time consuming and I find them not that easy to count without keeping track on paper. But, I got over my hesitation and broke out the cables for my new Antler Sock pattern, you can purchase the pattern here on Ravelry! 

Antler is fun to knit by using the same cable three different ways which makes it so easy to memorize! With the way these cables are constructed I found I didn't need to keep count on paper, I was able to read my knitting and keep track. 

The yarn is used is a Merino, Nylon, and Yak blend that was delicious to knit with. I've never used yak blend before in socks so I'm excited to see how they wear. The yak gives the yarn a beautiful heathered effect, so pretty! As with the majority of my patterns, any sock yarn will work. I would recommend something with some nylon and my testers found that colorways that were solid or semi-solid worked best to show the cables. I can't wait to see what gorgeous yarn you pull out for my new pattern! 

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