Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bauble Extravaganza

I just published the best pattern! Bauble Extravaganza is so fun and full of Christmas spirit and joy and fun. These socks were so much fun to design and knit! There is a toe up version and a cuff down version! 

Bauble Extravaganza was my first time reaching out to a dyer and asking for a collaboration, that was nerve-racking. Ashlee from Smash Knit was amazing to work with, I was pretty particular about the color that I was looking for, I wanted a green that wasn't too yellow olive but not too spruce blue either. 

What a fantastic color she came up with! I loved it in the photos she sent me and I loved it even more when it showed up on my doorstep. 

The tree for this pattern use a very simple cable that I was able to do without a cable needle but are really easy if you've never knit a cable before, the rest if the tree was done with twisted stitches. My beading method was using a teeny-tiny crochet hook and placing my beads on the socks individually. 

As usual, this is a fully written pattern and can be used with any sock yarn. I prefer my socks with some amount of nylon (this particular is a 85% Merino, 15% Nylon) but if you're comfortable with a 100% Wool yarn for socks then knit away! 

I cannot wait to see the combos that everyone uses, my testers came up with some amazing projects. 


  1. I absolutely adore this pattern. I have not been able to add a bead onto a stitch, and so I have stopped. I have never done bead work before; I don't know if that is why I am struggling. I have the right size beads and crochet hook. I wonder if I should get a smaller hook, as the beads don't move easily on the one I have. I also cannot visualize what this technique looks like. Any chance you would do a video to help me - and possibly others - out? I welcome any gestions.

    1. Hi Syliva,

      Here is a link to a youtube video (not my own) that uses the exact method at I used to place the beads. Please let me know if this helps you out, if you need more suggestions please email . The beading starts around minute 4


    3. Thank you so much! The video is a great help. Now - I just have to practice a bit!