Friday, February 12, 2021

Fringy Cowl

A fun new cowl that uses drop stitches for the fringe?!? Why yes, I did just publish that. Fringy was designed in 2020 with the idea of pulling together a collection of all my drop stitch pattens. My mom (Susan) and I had discussed the different shawl shapes and techniques I've used and brainstormed on how I could add a cowl to the collection. 

Fringy is a quick and easy knit that uses a few unique techniques to really elevate the project. I designed the cowl with only a single skein of sock yarn in mind and then I added just a little bit of a pop. Fringy uses a provisional cast on and is knit flat and then put together with a three needle bind off. Stitches are then dropped to make the fringe; so fun! 

The yarn I used is a 75/25 Merino/Nylon blend so any fingering weight will work! Using an alpaca or mohair blend may be a bit harder to drop your stitches but will still work. 

I hope you love knitting this new cowl! -Sierra 


  1. I have a quick question. Which is the front, even or odd rows? I inquire because you used KFB for increases. I thought I'd use PFB so I'd have two purls rather than a knit and purl. But since I just started I'm not sure if there is a specific reason you used KFB rather than PFB. Maybe there is a design element I can't see, or some other reason that is escaping me. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. There isn't a front or back, its a reversible pattern so either side will work. I would still have the PFB in the same place as the KFB as that gives the drop stitches a nice edge.


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  3. Thanks so much for your assistance. You reply was very helpful.