Thursday, March 17, 2022

Book Review: The Power of Knitting

My life is pretty well entrenched with knitting. It's my job, my passion, my friend base, so why not add it to my reading list? Honestly, I haven't read much in the last 5 years. College really burnt me out on reading but I also like/want to keep myself educated and reading is the best and least expensive way to do that. 

The first knitting theme book I read this year is The Power of Knitting: Stitching Together Our Lives in a Fractured World. I thought I would share my thoughts on the book with you so you can check it out if you'd like! So here it goes! 

I really wanted to love this book but felt it fell flat. The main theme is knitting and the authors life falling apart. At the end she discusses selling two houses and then finding herself by going on a round the world trip? What? If you have enough money to buy a plane ticket that expensive I don’t think you’re really in the dire of straits you want your readers to believe. 

The Power of Knitting ended up being hard to relate to, I do think I’ll be using her bibliography page as a stepping stone to find more books to read. I felt that she could have definitely gone more in-depth with some of the side stories and the book would have been more enjoyable. The author just kind of skimmed around topics without actually going in deeply.

She touched on quite a few interesting historical knitting topics and references but didn't really flush them out and draw me in. I definitely felt that I was interested in the topics she was discussing but now need to go and do my own research. So, I would probably give this book 3/5 stars. I'm glad a read it but honestly I think I could have taken the bibliography information and been plenty happy with that as well. 

The link posted above (for the book) is to a website that connects you to indie book shops. If you're thinking of purchasing this book to read please visit your local book shop before purchasing on Amazon. Want to discuss the book more? Head of over to Knitting Joy and chat with me! 

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