Thursday, March 31, 2022

A Re-Knit

I have to be honest, I've knit very few of my patterns a second time. Yep, usually once is enough to hold my interest and then I'm ready for the next adventure with brand new yarn. Each time I start a design I'm never 100% sure that it's going to work... I mean, I have the basic idea (and a terrible sketch) but other than that it's a bit of guesswork and luck. I very much enjoy the exploration and excitement of a design idea working out. 

Even with my aversion to knitting things twice I did decide that the single skein of gorgeous yarn that I purchased from The Lamb and Kid needed to be made into a Bump Along cowl. And oh, my, word, this yarn is amazingly soft! The base is a merino/cashmere blend called Elmer Fingering and I think I want my whole winter wardrobe made from this, it is divine! But alas, only one skein was in my budget so I've just knit myself a luxury cowl. 

The reason I picked Bump Along is I really love the dimensions of this pattern and it is so easy to memorize! I wanted to have a single skein project that was easy to knit while my mom and I were traveling and attending Stitches West. I love showing how versatile Bump Along is in a solid version along with the original striped version

The final fabric is squishy yet lofty from the ply of the yarn. Which do you prefer, the striped version or the solid version? 

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