Thursday, April 7, 2022

Testing for All Knit Up Designs

 What does it take to be a tester for All Knit Up Designs? 

1. Time 

        Usually my tests are about 3-4-5 weeks depending on the size of the project. I require knitters to check in on the Ravelry thread once a week so that I can see that the test is being completed or if they are having any problems. 

2. Yarn

        At this point in my designing career I don't have the resources (yet) to provide yarn support for            testers. I absolutely do not require hand dyed and/or expensive yarn. A yarn that fits the gauge require is usually my only ask. Sometimes we can even adjust this though! I love to see what knitters come up with from my patterns so some of my shawls (usually designed in fingering weight) have been tested in sport or dk weight. 

3. Ravelry Account

        This one isn't set in stone but I do like to have the majority of testers have a project page that they can connect to the pattern when it releases. Each project page must have the stars, difficulty, and overall ratings filled out. Why these requirements? This shows other knitters that people have knit the projects and enjoyed them along with giving them an idea of the difficulty of the design and the overall enjoyment of the project. 

4. Pictures

        I do require pictures for my test knitting but you do not have to model them. I know, for myself, I don't love having my face in all my photos and splashed all over the internet so just a picture of your knit with good lighting is my only requirement. 

5. Social Media

        Starting in summer of 2021 I do require an Instagram account and one FO post of the project. If this is super difficult for a tester I wave this requirement. You don't have to have a huge following or any significant amount of photos but I am trying to allow more people so see my designs and be able to show off your gorgeous work on my account! 

6. Some Attention to Detail

        I knit every single one of my designs before they go into testing, but I'm human, and I make mistakes so if something isn't working post in the Ravelry testing thread and let me know! I try to check the threads every 24 hours to get to questions asap but this way there is a record of peoples questions and the solutions that have come from them. 

That's it peeps! 6 different (simple) requirements to being a test knitter for All Knit Up Designs! I know that it can be intimidating to start testing or be interested but unsure so I hope this helps assuage some of your fears. If you are interested in test knitting for me please send me a message here or join the Ravelry group and keep an eye out for new test threads! 


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