Thursday, September 1, 2022

Floral Shades Toque

Fall is coming!...hopefully...right? For as long as the wet spring was this summer feels hot and long. Hot is relative, it doesn't get above 85 but most places don't have air conditioning up here. But, with fall in mind my new pattern is here! 

Floral Shades Toque is a doubled layer hat that features a stockinette inner layer and a delicate lace floral pattern on the outer layer. Floral Shades was inspired by the pops of color that come with spring flowers or bringing home flowers in the winter to brighten up your space. 

This hat uses a provisional cast on with a contrast color to make it easier to pick up the out layer. Floral Shades is the perfect accessory to combine smaller skeins of yarn, each side takes less than 50 grams of fingering weight! 

The original sample is knit with a light fingering weight for the inner layer and a traditional fingering weight for the outer layer so you have a little leeway with the weights of yarn that you use. I would suggest anything that you are comfortable wearing around your temples as the inner layer, the out layer doesn't matter because it doesn't touch your skin!  

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