Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Gig Harbor Yarn Shop

Hey Knitters! I visited a new-to-me yarn shop! I dropped my mom (Susan) off at SeaTac and on my way back decided to have a bit of fun for myself. I picked up sushi and made a stop in Gig Harbor, a city across from Tacoma WA. 

Along with being on the waterfront, Gig Harbor has a beautiful yarn shop Rainy Day Yarns & Mercantile, which I was so happy to explore. 

Rainy Day definitely had a boutique vibe about it, faux crystal chandeliers, great lighting, and inspiring displays and samples. 

The range of yarns was great, lots of hand dyed, some from local dyers!, as well as more commercial brands. I felt that the range of yarn brands allowed for lot of different projects and budgets. 

Along with knit samples they also had crochet ones! I do judge a shop on whether they cater to both knit and crochet, there is no need to discriminate between knitters and crocheters. I hope that if you're in the area you make a stop in, definitely worth it to me! 

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