Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Initiate Knit Design: Day 1

Sorry I missed a post last week, I was away on the coast for my 24th birthday! But I'm back and excited to talk about the Initiate Knit Design Challenge I recently participated in. The challenge was coordinated by Frenchie @arohaknits on Instagram and I had such a great time! There were about 200 people on insta participating in the challenge and everyone had such unique ideas! I'll walk through the design process and show what I did on each day. Having to finish things in one day made me focus and prioritize my time, I enjoyed having some semblance of a pattern when I was done!

Day 1: Creating Your Mood Board

Before we started anything for our design process we had to chose a "theme" to base our design off of. The theme was nature inspired, so forest, ocean, or mountains were the three categories. Frenchie started us off with something many of us do for inspiration, a mood board. Pinterest is my most used mood board for inspiration. I don't always take my board as literally as this challenge suggested. Most of the time I like to create something similar to an image I have found and base my design off of that. I've never worked with a theme so this was a different experience for me. Of the three categories I chose ocean and proceeded to go to Pinterest to pin and search to my hearts content!

These photos above were my design inspiration collage. When choosing our theme Frenchie also discussed what we would like to design. We started of simple with basic scarfs, wraps, and cowls (things that don't have any shaping). I based every aspect of my wrap design on these images, I kind of found it surprisingly difficult. It was nice to go back to these images and remember what I was designing from. While this kind mood board of images was not something I was used to doing, I enjoyed the challenge. 

I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Day 2! 

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