Friday, May 6, 2016

Initiate Knit Design: Day 2

I looked forward to my morning email from Frenchie for the design challenge. I read it in the morning before work and then was able to think and plan during the day. Before my day started I also looked through the #initiateknitdesign tag on Instagram to see what the others designers were coming up with. Everyone's were so different! Even with only three categories to choose from, all the inspirations were unique. Crafty people make me so happy with their unique-ness.

Day 2: Sketching & Stitch Pattern Selection

I am definitely NOT a pen and paper artist. I have absolutely no skill with drawing, my work is impressive to 15 month olds and thats about it. I but had to suck it up and come up with some kind of design drawing for my wrap.

This is the wrap design idea that came from my mood board. I was really inspired by the colors that are present in the sand photo and decided to use those as the main colors. I thought adding cream/white fringe on the ends would work well with the beach theme. I took the ocean theme further and carried it though in waves created by YO's and K2TOG. Part of this days challenge was to chose a stitch pattern. I didn't actually use a stitch pattern and created what I was envisioning. 

To follow my inspiration photos I divided my color changes with a whole row of YO and K2TOG not just the meandering waves. I am very happy about how well I was inspired by my mood board. I can feel the ocean vibes working in the sketch and that makes me very pleased. 

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