Sunday, March 1, 2020

Cantelow Beanie

Another new pattern! Cantelow Hat is the companion piece to my Cantelow shawl featured in my last blog post. Cantelow features a long extended cables that leaves lots of easy and drape. The nature of the beanie is a ribbing so the hat is really stretchy and fits a variety of heads.

The pattern is written for three different sizes Youth, Adult Small, & Adult Large and each one was test knit by some great knitters! My hat was knit with a creamy color with a bit of sparkle but I think that anything that isn't too dark or highly variegated would be great.

As always with something textured, a solid or a tonal will show the stitching off more. A few of the testers used solid colored alpaca and had some gorgeous haloed hats. In the larger sizes I had a few testers who were able to finish in 50 grams! You definitely want to use a yarn that has some 'life' or spring back to it so your hat doesn't stretch out and not go back into shape 


  1. Super cantelow beanie... greetings to you.
    Have a good week. Viola