Friday, March 20, 2020

Color Riot 2.0

This was a fun one! Color Riot 2.0 is the sibling to my first shawl pattern Color Riot! This release is the anniversary of Color Riot hitting the internet. To be quite honest, Color Riot 2.0 was knit rather quickly after the first one. But, I thought it would be fun to have this shawl come out to celebrate the anniversary/accomplishment of my first paid pattern.

Color Riot 2.0, in my sample, uses 400 yards of a gradient and 800 yards of a complimentary solid. When I use gradients I like them to be the star, sometimes a lot of pattern can take away from seeing the yarn. Color Riot 2.0 lets you feature the gradient but still be interesting to knit and wear. The yarn used is a 100% Merino so any fingering weight yarn with a bit of body would be great! This is quite a large shawl so you don't want to use a yarn that is so heavily the shawl drops off your body. 

It's also a fairly large shawl and makes a great accessory for winter. As I said, I've had this knit for quite awhile and wore it all winter long!

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