Friday, February 11, 2022

Girlfriends Cardigan AKA Soft and Squishy

I have just finished knitting the squishiest and softest sweater for myself and I can't wait to tell you about it! Obviously I was super inventive in my post name and descriptions because my basic description of the yarn is the name of the project. 

I've only worked with Shibui yarns one other time (yarn my sister picked out for a cowl) and I didn't keep the project. Shibui's goal with their yarns is to have knitters and crocheters hold their fibers together to create different fabrics and different weights. I held Pebble and Silk Cloud together for a lofty and warm garter stitch fabric. 

The Girlfriends Cardigan originally called for a US 4 but knew from my own knitting and my swatch that a US 6 was going to be needed for the correct gauge. The sweater, with the yarns held together, calls for a sport weight yarn and a US 4 gauge for me was just going to be too dense with not enough movement. 

The cardigan starts with a long icord along the top of the shoulders and then builds from there. The instructions aren't hard to follow but there were a few fiddley parts that I had to make sure to knit during great light times (about 10-2 here on the Peninsula). Holding two strands together isn't difficult but it did require a level of concentration and sight that I didn't always have time for. There is totally a few areas where I dropped on strand of the yarn, shrugs, it happens and I did not expect my sweater to be perfect. 

The two yarns together created a gorgeous fabric with the most heavenly halo, I feel spoiled being able to wear it. I do have to say, this cardigan was expensive! I purchased the yarn quite a few years ago at Stitches and it was definitely an impulse buy, I don't regret it but I don't live on a big spenders budget. I feel that there are quite a few options that knitters can research to create a similar fabric, one of the first ones to come to mind is Rowan Kidsilk haze, it is also a mohair and silk blend that is more affordable than Shibui. Have you knit with a mohair, silk blend before? I have a couple other sweater projects planned with this luxurious combo! If you're interested in seeing my project page and yardage you can take a look at the page on Ravelry here

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