Thursday, February 10, 2022

Intersection Cowl

Do you have a love affair with hand dyed yarn? I do. I absolutely adore hand dyed yarn. But sometimes it isn't always easy to find the pattern that will work with such delicious colors. Occasionally the colors overtake the pattern or the pattern overtakes the colors and things just don't work. This is where Intersection Cowl steps in, a pattern that is the crossing between a utilitarian cold weather piece and the art of hand dyed yarn. 

Intersection was designed to be a simple take along project that highlights hand dyed yarn while also knitting into the perfect deep, snuggle your chin into cowl. 

Intersection is knit in the round alternating knit and purl rounds with a section of stockinette stitches so that you can see the interplay of colors in different textures! 

I used Miss Babs Yowza (about 1/2 a skein) which is a 100% Merino wool yarn but any DK weight would work, and you only need 100 grams! Your yarn doesn't have to be wool but yarn with a silk or linen content will have more drape to it and won't stand up the same as a wool or wool/acrylic blend. My testers knit their cowls in some awesome colors and dyers stop by and take a look to get an idea for your cowl! 

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