Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Out the Window

 You know when you stick your hand out the window and it automatically starts waving up and down with the air movement? I love that feeling and definitely still do it when I'm a passenger. These socks and stitch pattern remind me of that movement! 

Out the Window is my newest sock pattern release. As with the majority of All Knit Up Designs patterns, Out the Window is easy to memorize and super fun to knit. The yarn I used is a speckled 80/20 (Wool/Nylon) blend but I had a few testers use self-striping and it looks so good! I will definitely have to knit a pair for myself with some Felici. 

I designed this pattern with cast on for 56, 64, & 72 but I found this a very stretchy pattern so if you usually knit with a missing size I would pick the cast on smaller than your normal (if you usually knit 68, cast on 64.) 

I hope these socks bring you great joy as you knit them and I hope they bring back great memories as they did for me! 

Happy Knitting! - Sierra 


  1. I am also a weaver The geometric blocks, or basketweave look is so appealing to me. I like a lot of texture or design, but having it so easy to remember is a wonderful bonus as i like to have socks as my traveling or sports event project. Wonderful pattern.

    1. Exactly! Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m a newbie weaver but I currently weave on a circular loom and they stay in they’re frame.