Thursday, March 18, 2021

Scotts Shawl

One of my favorite trips I've been able to make post college is a trip to Scotland and England with my sisters and mom. With the pandemic I've been leaning on these memories of travel since we haven't been able to travel around much. 

This is the second time that inspiration has come from an actual object not just from my brain. The Scotts monument in Edinburgh was the inspiration behind the Scotts Shawl! Below is a photo of the monument...

The slip stitches moving up the shawl remind of the lines and spires on the monument. I used a beautiful merino/yak/silk blend that has the most amazing drape and was purchased on the same trip! I visited Ginger Twist Studio and purchased this yarn. 

This is a great shawl to try new fibers or stick with your regular fingering weight blend. It also would be very easy to adjust the needle size and weight of yarn if you would like to knit with something heavier. The stiffer the yarn blend (100% non-superwash wool) the more your slip stitches will stand out the more structured your triangle. 

Happy Knitting! -- Sierra 

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