Sunday, April 17, 2016

Building Blocks

The shop I work at is hosting a skill building class based on the book Building Blocks by Michelle Hunter. This is a beginners class designed to build basic knitting skills and confidence. Half of knitting is having the confidence to try something new, stretch your skills and be willing frog when needed.

While I am not taking the class, I am participating with the shop and knitting my block of the month. I chose six colors that look great together and will do two blocks of each color.

I chose to start with green (Color 058, Lucky Green) (my favorite color) for the first block. The yarn we are using as a shop is Simpliworsted by HiKoo which is a wool/acrylic/nylon blend. It is deliciously soft and springy yarn while also being easy care, can't get better than that! The pattern isn't particularly difficult, none of them are, but is a nice soothing easy knit. The pattern does keep it interesting enough that I'm not bored either, something I can appreciate.

While taking my photos our outside cat Koby decided to come for a visit and beg for food. He just wanted to stop in and say hi while sticking his feet in my photos. He is the most laid back cat in the world, our stoner cat.

I'll update on how my blocks are going each month! I'm lagging behind, my mom and some of my knit night ladies have already finished their blocks! I've done about 3 repeats...better work on that soon.

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